Puerto Vallarta Dentist  
Puerto Vallarta Dentist
Dr. Fernando Peñalva
Puerto Vallarta Professional
Dental services since 1983
ADA member: 672-24-0989
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About DDS Fernando Peñalva, Puerto Vallarta Dentist

Good dental care is more than excellent dentistry skills and state of the art dental equipment; we feel that mutual trust and respect with our patients are factors as well in the success of their dental treatment.

Our team of dental specialists believes that open communication with our patients can help build this trust and we work hard to make sure that our level of dental care is deserving of our patients respect and confidence. We are also happy to receive patients from all over the world for over 25 years (Medical Tourism), working to achieve your dental needs while vacationing in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

On behalf of our team of dentists and ourselves, we welcome you to our dental family of fine patients. Thank you for selecting us as your personal Puerto Vallarta dental team.

DDS Fernando Penalva is committed to helping patients achieve the smile of their dreams. He has been transforming smiles in Puerto Vallarta for over 30 years, and also stays on the leading edge of cosmetic dental treatments.